Issue 20 of Sweet Life magazine

Happy National Diabetes Month!

I love November because it’s the one month a year that the whole country wants to talk about diabetes – one of my favourite things to talk about… But this month is particularly exciting for us.

That’s because it marks five years of Sweet Life magazine – and our 20th issue! Back when we started Sweet Life in 2011, we never would have imagined we could reach so many diabetics in South Africa, or make a difference in so many lives… It’s all thanks to you, our readers, that we’ve been able to do that: thank you for being part of our community.

To celebrate our 20th issue, we’re looking back at all the inspiring stories we’ve featured over the years. It’s been such a treat for me to revisit our cover stars and catch up with them, and to see where their lives have taken them over the years. The result is a collector’s issue full of inspiration – for those days when it feels like diabetes is a difficult burden to bear.

Of course, Christmas and the holidays are also just around the corner, and with them comes all kinds of temptation, along with the celebrations. Everything in moderation is our motto!

From all of us at Sweet Life, we’d like to wish you a happy, healthy festive season and a wonderful new year.
See you in 2017 for our 21st!

Chat soon,


Sweet Life Magazine

PS: Read all our past issues of Sweet Life online here. Happy reading!




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48 thoughts on “Magazine

  1. I am SO looking foward to receiving my magazine in the post so I can just chill out and read everything! Thanks so much 🙂


  3. Hi There

    I want to thank you for the 1st magazine I have read it from start to finish.

    I am so exited about all the info and cant wait to try out some of the recipes. I am not keen on spinach but you make is look so nice so I will be trying it.

    Cant wait for next issue.

    Marina Strydom

  4. dear editor
    this looks like a very informative magazine esp the halford page..i just wish i had a print copy ‘cos i could not read the print clearly.i cannot wait for the february 2011 edition.the choice of advertisements is great.i am an insulin dependent diabetic for 24 years and did not know that there is multivitamins for diabetics.
    i wish SWEETLIFE magazine great success for the future and would like to see it as a cofee table magazine just as the TIME magazine enjoys.
    great stuff!
    Rekha Woodhaymal

  5. Good Morning,

    Thank you very much for the magazine. It’s wonderful.

    I did the Gauteng Diabetes walk as well and have to say it’s really nice to see people coming together for Diabetes.

    This month I opened my cupboard and was like hey wow there is so much more for diabetics now than even 5years ago

    I have sugar free choc milkshake, sugar free instant pudding, Sugar free syrup mmm may seem like small pleasantries but still wow for me not having to think I can’t enjoy and have tasty things like non diabetics.

    Anyway Really Happy Type 1

    living life as well as I can!!

    Taking each day as it comes and just believing we are closer and closer to a cure!

    Thanks again for your stories and Magazine really appreciate it

    Angela Bowie

  6. Hi there,

    Got the first edition of your Sweet Life Magazine in the mail the other day. Congratulations on a really great initiative J

    You must feel so proud. I hope the feedback from your readers so far has been really good.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Birgit Otterman journalist

  7. Hi ,
    I received my first book from Sweet Life, I would like to thank you for this.
    I found it so interesting to read and also very informative which I am learning how to cope with my diabetes.
    Thank you!

  8. Good day to you,

    Very shortly after my life partner was diagnosed as a diabetic 2 in June 2011, I joined Sweet Life.

    Your 1st Magazine was read from cover to cover, finding it very informative. I have used recipes featured in the magazine and these were enjoyed by both me and my partner. He was experiencing problems with his feet and had been to a Podiatrist in our area but was not convinced or happy with the diagnosis for what he was experiencing. I suggested that he contact Andy Blecher, which he did. We saw Andy on Wednesday and was so impressed with her knowledge and diagnosis, her explanations of what he was experiencing etc. She has by far been more informative than even our general practitioner. So a big thank you for the information in your magazine which gave us contact with her.

    Kind regards,

    Lorraine Schwartz

  9. Hi
    I find the magazine an absolute must fro anyone with diabetes as well as anyone related to the disease through friendship, family and more.

  10. Hi there Sweet Life,
    I have just finished reading about Sweet Life and all the wonderful and dedicated people who offer advice to our sugar soaked brains.Those professional people are really a God send to us all suffering from the dreaded diabetes syndrome,and I can’t wait much longer before I receive  my first edition of your magazine.
    Judging by the comments from some of the readers it would appear that they have now found an organization that is prepared to assist diabetics with advice and a magazine that can only benefit us with professional information and recipes to assist us with living longer and preventing complications associated with the sugar ailment.
    With Christmas,and my birthday,and then New year just around the corner I know I am going to go off the rails a little but I will have to pull in the reins quite a bit once the festive season is over.
    But to all you kind people looking after us sugar junkies let me take this opportunity of wishing you a blessed and rewarding Christmas,and then a wonderful New year.You really are SWEET people.
    Lou Corbitt

  11. Thank you for your 1st issue of sweetlife mag.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and trying the recipes which were delicious.
    My husband who is not diabetic enjoyed them just as much.
    Verna Martins

  12. WOW!!!! Is the only way I can respond to this great magazine.
    I received it yesterday and once I started reading I could not put it down. I liken your magazine to me sitting at the feet of a ‘master teacher’ guiding me through my Diabetes experience and knowing that I can live a “SWEETLIFE.” Thank you so very much for sending to me this wonderful magazine filled with everything I need and so much more.
    I know that this magazine is a must have for ALL DIABETICS as well the families who live with someone who is a diabetic. I cannot wait to share this with all I know who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

  13. My first Sweet Life magazine arrived today, and that’s not all, inside the mag was a sachet of strawberry shake for which I thank you most sincerely. It will be consumed today before my grandson gets home from school otherwise it will be gulped down in a non diabetic stomach.

    The afternoon was spent reading my now prized possession learning all about what a lazy pancreas can do to me because I never knew better,and now I can honestly say I am learning fast. Somehow or other you must have known that I am mad about chicken, prepared anyway because you have given us some mouth watering recipes which I will be trying this week [I am the cook in this family] the rest of your magazine was equally informative so turn around let me give you a pat on the back.

    I look forward to the other magazines that will be coming during the year, and will be writing to you with what I and maybe others would like to read about in the next Sweet life issues.
    So until then please keep well and once again thanks for sharing your life’s ambition with us diabetics, you are so sweet.
    Lou Corbitt

  14. Hello 🙂 I’d like to leave a message for Bridget McNulty. I just want to say thank you SO much for my winning price in the Sweet Life Issue 1 Magazine. This book will really explain all the ‘finer’ details on Diabetes that I’m struggling with.
    Kind Regards, Annelie

  15. I really love the magazine. there is always something inspiring and good. I also like to try the products you advertise. This, however, is where the problem lies! I went looking for Gero, unsuccessfully, so contacted them directly, only to discover that they are not available in KZN. they suggest that we ask Pick and Pay and Spar to start stocking it, which will give them (Gero) a foot in the door. Can we all please do this. It is such a healthy, useful product.

  16. Hi I love the mag, but I haven’t gotten mine in the post yet… 🙁 I personally love the mag sooo informative!

  17. I am so sad that the magazine is not being send by post anymore. We don’t have a diabetes clinic nearby. So it means no more Sweet life!.
    I know I can read it online, but it is just not the same as feeling the paper between my fingers, or just picking the magazine up anytime when I feel like reading a piece. Keep up the good work! You are a fantastic bunch of educated people!

    1. Hi Riette,
      Thanks so much for your kind words! Do you have a support group you go to? We can also send free copies to your local support group if you have one.
      Let me know by email – hello @ (without the spaces).
      Chat soon!

  18. Hi
    I see that you don’t send by post anymore. I don’t have a Dischem near me or a support group But we have a Clicks pharmacy in the area do you send to them? as I miss my copies at 76 yrs I find it difficult to read from the online . I have missed a few issues No 5 and would like to get them again.

    1. Hi Connie!
      Thanks so much for your message. Could you tell us which pharmacy you get your medication from, and we can send copies to them? You can email me on hello @ (without the spaces) with the details. Thank you!

  19. I would like to give a word of thanks to the diabetic team. the input that you are giving to the deabetic readers is brilliant and its so fantastic. you have made a chance to the peoples life.

    all that i can say is to encourage you to keep up the good work that you are doing now and always. we want a better change to this country will equal opportunities.

    I thank you,
    Zukile Mantanga
    cape town

    1. Hi Karin!
      Unfortunately we are no longer posting magazines to individuals. If you would like to get the magazine for free, it is available from all Dis-Chem stores and local support groups nationwide.

      You can find a list of Dis-Chem stores here: or read the magazine online here:
      If you would like us to send free magazines to your support group or local pharmacy, please ask them to get in touch.

  20. Hi. My 41 year old husband has just been diagnosed with diabetise. He loves his food and is overweight. He is Indian, so he loves his
    spices in food. Where do I start to help him manage his diabetise.?Also, he works out of town, often, so how do i help him to maintain a healthy eating habit if he is away from home?

    Kind regards, Mohini

  21. Hi everytime I go to Dischem they do not have the book. Can you please tell me if there is any other way of obtaining the book. I would also like back copies.

    Thank You


    1. Hi Lolly!
      Let us know where your nearest clinic / pharmacy / support group / doctor’s office is and their name and email address, and we can send free copies there for you.
      You can email me the info at hello @ (without the spaces).
      Thanks so much!

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