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About Us

Sweet Life is an inspiring diabetes community for Diabetic South Africans. We are a registered NPO with a single focus: to improve diabetes in South Africa.

Sweet Life is a diabetes community that informs, inspires and connects people with diabetes in South Africa. We are here to offer reliable advice on all you need to know about diabetes, support people with diabetes and share that just because you have diabetes, doesn’t mean you can’t live a happy, healthy life.

As a registered NPO (220-984), our goals are to improve the diagnosis number in SA (at the moment 1 in 2 people with diabetes are undiagnosed) and improve the health of people with diabetes. We want to do this by encouraging healthier eating, medication compliance and increased physical activity in ways that really work: actionable ways to live well with diabetes. Up till now we’ve believed that if you give people information in the right format and the right words, they will change their behaviour. But this is not actually true. We need to focus on behavioural change because information is not enough.

By working directly with people with diabetes in South Africa, we’ll be able to get a better understanding of the current status of diabetes in SA, and where the problems actually lie. And then we can work to start fixing them.

Our core team is supported by an expert panel of top diabetes specialists in South Africa. Diabetes isn’t just a medical condition. Our team includes top diabetes experts from all over South Africa: endocrinologists (diabetes specialists), doctors, diabetes educators, dieticians, podiatrists, ophthalmologists and counsellors. These diabetes experts help us to provide you with reliable, relevant and medically accurate diabetes information

bridget-mcnulty-sweet-life-magazine-editorBridget McNulty

The co-founder of Sweet Life and a Type 1 diabetic. She is also a journalist and author, and published her first novel the same year she was diagnosed. Bridget is passionate about showing the positive side of the condition and proving that diabetes doesn’t have to stop you living a healthy, happy life.

mark-peddle-designer-sweet-life-magazineMark Peddle

The Creative Director of Sweet Life. He is also a professional photographer and has many years experience as both a graphic designer and art director. Both his brother and his wife are diabetic, so he has a deep understanding of the condition.


dr-joel-dave-diabetes-sweet-life-magazineDr. Joel Dave

MBChB PhD FCP Cert Endocrinology. Head of Endocrinology at the University of Cape  Town and Groote Schuur Hospital. He specialises in the diagnosis and management of a wide spectrum of simple and complex endocrine-related disorders, particularly thyroid disease and diabetes.


Dr. Claudine-Lee-Sweet-Life-magazineDr. Claudine Lee

A family doctor (GP) with a passion for treating diabetes well. She is based in Hilton, KwaZulu/Natal. She has a Diploma in Diabetes (Cardiff University) as well as Ophthalmology and Anaesthesiology (so is able check your eyes). She also runs an insulin pump centre. Get in touch with her on 083 289 8351.

Diabetes Educators:

Jeannie-Berg-Sweet-Life-magazineJeannie Berg

The Chairperson of DESSA: the Diabetes Education Society of South Africa. A dedicated registered pharmacist and diabetic educator with specialty experience in primary health care and diabetes, Jeannie serves on a clinical co-ordination committee of a medical aid administrator and works in Secunda. Her motto is: Diabetes is a journey and we need a lot of friends to walk it with!

Kate-Bristow-Sweet-Life-magazineKate Bristow

A qualified nursing sister and certified diabetes educator who runs a Centre for Diabetes in Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg. She works with clients of all ages and types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, Pre-Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes) guiding them in self-management. She also organizes wellness days in the community, and complimentary diabetes education sessions for patients at local medical centres. She has been involved in diabetes education since 2006, and has a Diploma in Diabetes Care from Glammorgan University.


genevieve-jardine-diabetes-sweet-life-magazineGenevieve Jardine

A dietician based in Durban, who is registered with ADSA, the Association for Dietetics in South Africa, and specialises in diseases of lifestyle, diabetes and weight loss. She is the co-author of Your Journey with Diabetes: guiding you through the highs and lows towards optimal blood glucose control, with Dr. Kathryn Wiseman, and is in private practice in Durban.

Cheryl-Meyer-Sweet-Life-magazineCheryl Meyer

A registered dietician and member of the Association for Dietetics South Africa (ADSA) working in private practice in Bryanston, Johannesburg.  She is passionate about food and nutrition, particularly in disease of lifestyle, healthy (and tasty) cooking, diabetes, childhood nutrition and weight management.

Ajita-Ratanjee-Sweet-Life-magazineAjita Ratanjee

A Registered Dietician in Pretoria East and the Founder of Easy Health Wellness in Moreleta Park. Her special interest is ICU nutrition and lifestyle diseases, mainly obesity and diabetes. With over a decade of experience in working with clients, she loves seeing the results of people make positive lifestyle change.

Lauren Moore

A Registered Dietician based at the Diabetes Life Clinic in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, Lauren holds a Masters degree in Nutrition and is a member of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa. She has a special interest in nutritional management of diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders. Her passion for dietetics stems from her desire to help people by empowering them with practical knowledge and giving them the confidence to make healthier choices and live more fulfilled lives.


Andy-Blecher-Sweet-Life-magazineAndy Blecher

A podiatrist who has been in practice in Cape Town for over 10 years, where she now lives with her three children. She is currently running the Western Cape Diabetic Foot Clinic with a team of other specialists. She holds a 4 year National Higher Diploma in Podiatry, and is on the Western Cape committee of the diabetic foot working group (DFWG). She has a certificate in biomechanics from the international ICB college of biomechanics and is a member of the HPCSA and BHF. Her special interests are the diabetic foot and her motto is: Prevention IS the cure.

Anette-Thompson-Sweet-magazineAnette Thompson

Holds an M Tech Podiatry (UJ) and B Tech Podiatry (SA) and is currently Chairperson of the Footwear Committee of the SA Podiatry Association; Clinical Director for Anette Thompson & Associates, Inc., Podiatrists, KZN and accredited with both the CDE and Diabetes SA. Anette is passionate about foot health and footwear and has registered 3 footwear related patents. Both her mother and husband are Type 2 diabetics so she knows how to “walk the talk”!


dr-dale-harrison-diebetes-sweet-life-magazineDr. Dale Harrison

An ophthalmologist in private practice in Cape Town, and a sessional consultant at Groote Schuur Hospital. He did his undergraduate training at UCT graduating MBCHB in 1992, and completed his specialist training at Groote Schuur FC Ophth (SA) in 2002. His motto? Get your eyes checked annually!


Gabi Richter

A Type 1 diabetic and a counsellor using emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and grief counselling as a framework, Gabi is passionate about helping those with diabetes with the emotional side of the condiiton. EFT helps people to break negative cycles and create new and positive ones.



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