Snacking to prevent low blood sugar

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In our ‘Ask the Dietician’ feature in issue 4 of Sweet Life magazine (check it out here if you haven’t read it yet!) we asked dietician Genevieve Jardine for tips on how diabetics can snack well.

Here’s what she has to say about how those of use with diabetes should be snacking to prevent low blood sugar:

“The most common cause of low blood glucose is skipping or delaying a meal. If you are having a hypoglycemic attack (blood
glucose below 4mmol/L) then you need a snack that is higher in refined sugar and quickly absorbed. Liquid may be helpful in this situation. If you are experiencing low blood glucose, test and then correct it with 125ml fruit juice or 150ml Energade or 5 Super C sweets. The aim is to have a fast acting snack that contains about 15g of carbohydrate/sugar.

Wait for 10 minutes and test again. If your blood glucose readings are not above 5mmol/L then repeat and wait another 10 minutes. Once your blood glucose readings are above 5mmol/L try and have food that has a more sustained glucose release such as fruit, whole wheat crackers or a slice of low GI bread.”

Do you follow this advice when your blood sugar dips too low?

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2 thoughts on “Snacking to prevent low blood sugar

  1. Hi. We use Coke as a pick me up snack, I guess I can calculate it. Thanks for the 120ml fruitjuice tip, probably healthier.

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