And the lucky book winners are…

In issue 3 of Sweet Life magazine we reviewed two fantastic diabetic cookbooks (see below) and we were flooded with competition entries from people wanting to win a copy of either The Knot Book by Geoffrey Budworth or Stylish Crafts for your Home by Deborah Morbin and Tracy Boomer.

The randomly selected lucky winners are…

The Knot Book

1. Louise de Klerk
2. Yswan Cara
3. Joanne Sutherland

Stylish Crafts for your Home

1. Luxshetha Lalloo
2. M. Singh
3. Zainub Dala


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One thought on “And the lucky book winners are…

  1. Hi pretty Lady,
    I compliment you and the Sweet Life team for a well researched and informative magazine.A good idea to make us collect our fortcoming mags. from Clicks Chemists where we might want to discuss any diabetic problems with the Pharmacist,also saves on expensive postage.Please give us a reminder via e-mail when to collect as we oldies are apt to forget.I am currently taking two Glucophage tablets with meals which work very well but at times think I can eat what I want to,my blood sugar is rather controled but am I doing the right thing or not?
    To you and the team thanks for taking care of us via your mag.
    Best regards Lou Corbitt

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