Sore feet: diabetes related?

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Is there any cure or relief from incredibly sore feet?

My heels are at times so sore I cannot even walk and it’s very frustrating, is there anything that can be done about this? I have diabetes and I’m not sure if it is related.

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– Linda De Bod

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3 thoughts on “Sore feet: diabetes related?

  1. I have been a diabetic now for 22 years and have never had this problem before. I have also googled it as I have not heard of this problem being related to diabetes and the answer that I get after googling is that it is probably not related at all. Diabetes causes neuropathy, but this leads the person not to feel any pain at all, whereas you are feeling pain. Somebody had also posted up that they had sore hills and the advice given here was to go visit your podiatrist but that it is probably not linked to diabetes at all.

  2. Hi Linda
    If the pain is in the centre of your heel and feels a bit like a spike being pushed up, it is not necessarily due to diabetes, but has more to do with what is happening to your feet. I have for years being wearing an orthotic insert in my shoe which completely takes away the pain. Ask your doctor for a referral or look for someone in your town who rents crutches and wheelchairs, they will generally be able to direct you.
    If I can help you in any way, you can contact me on mitchellm at
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  3. Hi Linda, I am a diabetic, and for the past 1 -2 years had bad pain in my feet, as well as a numb kind of feeling on the balls of my feet and big toe. My doctor diagnosed it as Neuropathy & prescribed Lyrica which helped quite alot, however, I was also advised by a fellow diabetic to take “slow-Mag” also, and I now have no pain at all in my feet.

    Check with your doctor about this.

    Regards, Neala

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