75 year old Type 2 diabetic

Hi there,

I read Sweet Life magazine from first page to last, I found it very useful. Being diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic was a shock, I do not like sweets or anything with sugar, I never had it.

I was operated on for a Double Bypass in 2007, I am sporty and fit, slim and health conscious – the second surprise is now Diabetic which was diagnosed three years ago. I am 75, I go regularly to the Gym, swim long distances, I was a swimmer in my youth, I still look well, but I am terrified about my condition.

My father died at the age of 53, heart failure and only then they discovered that he had diabetes, I was very happy not to have it, my father did not like sweets either. I am new and scared, but your magazine helps me to understand it.

Thank you
– Ester Lee

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