Diabetes and weight loss?

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed at the end of 2009 just after my baby was born. I have always had weight issues from a 61 kgs in 1991 at university to 118 by the time I gave birth to my baby in 2009.

At the end of 2010 until now (Jan 2012) I have lost 25 kilos… weird thing is through no drastic change in my diet. I have always eaten healthy and well but have never had an inclination to exercise. Also I come from a big food loving family so portion sizes are taboo. Pasta and bread are my weaknesses.

Is my weightloss just diabetic related – I have tried to trace it. My lifestyle has changed dramatically since the diagnoses and pregnancy. I now have to literally run alongside my two year toddler to keep up with her, and of course I try to cook in a more diabetic-friendly way.

I am not perfect and of course life doesn’t run in a straight line so bad eating days creep in. But I cant figure out how after almost 20 years of being on all sorts of diets – I lose 25 kilos without trying very hard. Some doctors have spoken of  ‘sugars attacking my muscles’. Can this be a reason?

– Tamara

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