Are Victoza injections a good idea?

Hi there,

I’m a Type 2 diabetic and overweight. I admit that I am lazy and have been struggling to make the right choices to lose weight.

My doctor has advised that as I have a short window of opportunity to try to ‘reverse’ my situation, I should try to lose weight on my own for the next 3 months. If no drop in my HbA1C level (currently 6.7), then I should go start taking Victoza injections.

I have just had my Glucophage dosage increased to 850mg twice daily. What experiences have other diabetics had on this medication? Should I try on my own or start on the Victoza sooner than later?

Any advice would be appreciated.
– Karin Munro

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  1. Hi. I used Victoza for 4 months and it really helped me a great deal. I lost 7kg over a period of time and i had never felt as wonderful as i did when i was taking the Victoza. I wish i can continue taking it as i found its the only meds that has helped me with my diabetes without me having to go to the Dr’s every 2 weeks because the tablets were causing more problems than actually helping me. But, the injection is very expensive, and somehow, my medical aid declined my request to have the Victoza provided under Chronic – even though my Dr gave them a motivational letter. I find it unfair and just wish that the medical aid would keep Victoza as a chronic meds – as it works faster.

  2. Hi,

    I have only recently herad about Victoza- I am a Type II Diabetic whose HbA1C levels are a concern. Also tablets that I am using now are affecting my health negatively. some medication have acused considerable weight gain lately.

    I would love to try the new injection, but was told that medical aids are not eager to approve it as chronic medication.

    Is ther any advice for patients on how to convince medical aids otherwise, or is there anyone out there who has been able to get it on their medical aid?

    Any advice will be welcomed.

    Marie Steyn

  3. i have been using victoza for 4 months now and have gone from size 40 to size 34. never felt so good, my skin has improved a lot, i no longer feel tired and my sugar levels are improving. from what i have researched the victoza remedies diabetes in fixing the pancreas therefore reversing the whole process. automaticaaly the blood pressure lowers itself. coupled with taking 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day……………………………..i am happy !

  4. I want to know if it is save to use victoza solely to loose weight I am not diabetic but are struggeling to loose weight. I read somewhere that it has cancerous side effects and we have cancer in our family.

  5. Hi , I am on victoza for the passed few days now , I feel much better there is also less craving for food . I think in few months my weight would be reduced .

  6. Speak to your physician and he/she will know exacly what to do for you to get it.Discovery key care wont pay for mine so i have to buy it cash with a prescription @Dischem its R1300 for 2 pens that can last for a month.Winsy

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