And the diabetic book winners are…

In issue 1 of Sweet Life magazine we reviewed two fantastic books on diabetes (see below) and we were flooded with competition entries from people wanting to win a copy of either Your Journey with Diabetes by Genevieve Jardine and Dr. Kathryn Wiseman, or Say No to Diabetes by Patrick Holford.

The randomly selected lucky winners are….

Your Journey with Diabetes:
1. Rachel Sivagamie Pillay
2. Annelie Otto
3. Mrs T. Pillay

Say No to Diabetes:
1. Tladi Solomon Loti
2. David Motto-Ros
3. Werner Marc Van Goethem


If you didn’t win a book this time, don’t worry – we have more amazing diabetic books to give away in issue 2 of Sweet Life, which you’ll get (if you’ve signed up) in the middle of February.

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