Howza: what a diabetes ambassador!

Howza is a superstar.

Well, technically, he’s en route to becoming a superstar: he’s a successful South African musician (nominated for a Channel O award), a TV star (from Generations and Backstage) and a diabetes ambassador (for Novo Nordisk).

He’s also the cover star of Sweet Life’s first issue, being sent out in November this year! (Have you signed up yet, hmm?)

We were lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with him on Friday morning, shooting the cover and asking him a couple of questions about life, fame, diabetes, diet, exercise, family, and how they all link up. What an extraordinary guy! Humble, down to earth and so full of passion for his music and spreading the (positive) word about diabetes. If you haven’t seen his video yet, check it out above. And look out for our feature article in Sweet Life!

I choose to live…

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