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I started the month off by interviewing Patrick Holford about his new book, Say No to Diabetes.

It’s a very interesting read – I just finished it, and learnt a lot of handy tips about food and diabetes that I didn’t know before. The book claims to be able to reverse Type 2 diabetes and cut down dramatically on insulin for Type 1 diabetes by following a low GL diet, taking certain supplements and exercising. Whether or not that’s true will only be proven in a year, once there have been enough case studies, and there are many dieticians and doctors who disagree with Mr Holford’s claims. But it’s well worth a read anyway, to decide what you think about it.

We spent a fascinating hour together and I’ll be publishing our interview in the first issue of Sweet Life, coming out in November this year.

Basically, a low GL diet takes the concept of low GI (choosing foods that release their glucose / sugar / carbohydrate slowly) and adds an extra step – taking portion size into account. The result is healthy food choices in the right proportion, which leads to stable blood sugar.

We have 3 copies to give away in our first issue (yay! I love freebies!) If you’re looking for a taste of what the book has to offer, you can listen to Food is Medicine: a free podcast from Patrick Holford.

Otherwise you’ll simply have to wait till November to read the interview in Sweet Life!

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