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15 thoughts on “Diabetes Info

  1. Please can you tell me where I can buy the test strips for Aqua check cheaply Discem and Clicks too expensive who sells them cheaply I have diabetes 2 Thank you Grace.

  2. Hello to all the diabetics out there I am sharing my husband’s story The Original Banters online shop was founded by Joe Redelinghuys, a diabetic who found the low carb medium to high-fat diet beneficial for himself and with this online shop would like to help Banters to easy access of Banting products.

    We support the eat better South Africa initiative fully.

    Original Banters has a temporary Trademark.

    The following products:

    1. Original Banters Pro Curry Spice Bag
    2. Original Banters Banting Crumbs/Coating
    3. Original Banters Biltong Spice Mixes
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    Are all developed by Original Banters with no added preservatives?Joe Redelinghuys, now turning blind in his fifties is saddened by the fact that he could have controlled a lot of the damage caused by his Diabetes and had he known the secret to the Banting Diet as provided by Tim Noakes he could still have the majority of his sight today.

    Early in 2016 Joe decided to embark on understanding what products, spices, meat, dairy products, cheese, oils and snacks he can use to try and control his own diabetes and through this learning he has built “The Original Banters” to help others learn that Banting may help them in more than one way.

    Enjoy your stay and know that we will deliver and are here for any advice you may have on the Banting Diet and products needed to make your Banting Diet a success.

  3. I am a recent diagnosed diabetic and my doctor put me to Gluconorm 500 which I take one three times a day but I need someone to help me with a good eating plan

  4. I have been diagnosed with diabetes 2 during November 2016. I just trying to follow the rules but i need more people for motivation. I dont have medical aid, i am relialying from the clinic but it is very stranuos fir quieng long lines. Can i be advised about cheap or reasonable medical aid scheme.

  5. Hi I am Miss Mbopa am diabetic type 1 and my 20 year old has been diagnosed too hers is auto immune .Please I wish I can have this lovely magazine and be part of /join the group that seems encouraging

    1. Hi Miss Mbopa!
      You are very welcome to join our community – please also join our Facebook group (Diabetic South Africans). We aren’t sending the magazine out any more, but you can access all the online issues on this website.

    1. Please do, Akinnawo! There’s no need to register, unless you want to receive our emails. Please also join our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DiabeticSouthAfricans).
      You’re very welcome!

  6. Hi
    Please permit me to ask this question, Can prayer heal this symptom?. I believe in prayer. Let us pray to God for divine healing.

  7. Hi iam William am diabetic type 1 iam not using insulin injection i only use pills does this put me at risk by the time progress?

    1. Hi William,
      We’re not medical professionals so I think it’s best to speak to your doctor or clinic. Usually Type 1 diabetics need to be on insulin injections right away, so perhaps you’re actually a Type 2? But definitely speak to a doctor if you can!

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